Snooze: a waking nightmare

2019 Director: Peter Campbell Writer: Michael J. Angus

Not exactly a bedtime story, Black Mirror meets Inception in the psychological thriller Snooze. Which reality is reality? This world? The dreamworld? Or some cold and bloodless limbo combining everything everyone ever knew? And do the inhabitants of that reality share the rights we possess? We’ve all hit the snooze button and relaxed into those […]

The Hunt

2017 Director: Anna Sklavos Writer: Peter Campbell

After being bitten by a werewolf, a young woman tracks down those who attempted to eradicate her in the upcoming web series The Hunt. Now – having realized she’s become the very thing she was trained to kill – she turns to a lifelong friend, an overzealous computer hacker, and an associate well-versed in “the […]

Taking Possession

2016 Director: Peter Campbell Writer: Peter Campbell

Get Out meets The Shining in the award-winning horror thriller short Taking Possession. Powers within an isolated century-old farmhouse force its new owner to battle his mind, his conscience, and the memories of the house itself. Following its world premiere at Toronto’s Blood in the Snow Film Festival, Taking Possession has gone on to tell […]

Celsius 486

2015 Director: Brad Pope Writer: Peter Campbell and Christos Petsis

In association with Spiced Reality Productions and Divine Paradox Films, Slaughterhouse Media presents the short film sci-fi thriller Celsius 486. Children of Men meets A Clockwork Orange, Celsius 486 takes place amidst a dark and overpopulated future where Virtual meshes with Reality and only the most privileged are allowed to breed. Though a global sterilization […]

Deep Dream

2015 Director: Peter Campbell Writer: Michael J. Angus

Inception meets The Matrix in the short film psychological thriller Deep Dream. As a last resort, a man suffering from stress related insomnia turns to an illicit drug named Deep Dream. But instead of the peaceful sleep he yearns for, the journey into his subconscious awakens a darkness that seizes its chance at freedom. Writer-actor […]


2014 Director: Matthew MacLeod & Peter Campbell Writer: Peter Campbell

Designed to be the second story in the three-story feature film 3 Course Meal, Amicum – American Graffiti meets “The Monkey’s Paw” – is a supernatural horror of desire, power, unrequited infatuation, and the dark shots we’ll take to get what we think we want. Most everyone has wanted more but felt it nearly impossible […]

Grit Noire

2013 Director: Peter Campbell Writer: Peter Campbell

Sam Spade meets Jackie Brown in the film noir crime thriller Grit Noire. With thoughts of ridding her dubious city of a group of backstabbing mobsters, the efforts of a hardboiled detective and her young protégée are met with obstacle and temptation. Film created as part of the 48 Hour Film Project.