Spiced Reality Productions

Celsius 486 2015 Director: Brad Pope Writer: Peter Campbell and Christos Petsis

In association with Spiced Reality Productions and Divine Paradox Films, Slaughterhouse Media presents the short film sci-fi thriller Celsius 486.

Children of Men meets A Clockwork Orange, Celsius 486 takes place amidst a dark and overpopulated future where Virtual meshes with Reality and only the most privileged are allowed to breed.

Though a global sterilization of males exists, the chewable gum Prolifricil momentarily disrupts that sterilization – allowing for only “the best of us” to reproduce. Black market versions of Prolifricil prey on humanity’s desire to procreate. However, a government powered police force seek those who have defied the non-procreation laws.

Those who are apprehended, and deemed inappropriate for proliferation, are sentenced to virtually watch and rewatch commercialized propaganda for the gum – until their subconscious reality washes away any desire for the gum and what it can produce.