Along with the films noted on the Productions page, the following companies reached out to and worked with Spiced Reality Productions:

Feature Films

Bonpland Pictures

Sebastian – producers: Patrick Fanizza, James Fanizza, Brendan Whelton / director: James Fanizza

Interiority Entertainment

Witt’s End – producer: Brendan Whelton / director: Charlie Lawton

Randori International

Randori: The Beginning – producer: Mick Chow / director: Mick Chow

Short Films

Interiority Entertainment

Off the Beaten Track – producer: Brendan Whelton / director: Jonathan Smelcer

Westline Films

Ritual – producers: Riley Godin & Sara Scott / director: Matthew Coleby
Abstract – producers: Riley Godin & Sara Scott / director: Michael Schoemig
The Whispers That Rule You – producers: Riley Godin & Sara Scott / director: Robert Kiernan

Slaughterhouse Media

Celsius 486 – producers: Anna Sklavos & Christos Petsis / director: Brad Pope

Web Series

Bad Habit Entertainment

Yo Fam – producer: Adrian Patterson / director: Adrian Patterson

Slaughterhouse Media

The Hunt – producer: Anna Sklavos / director: Anna Sklavos

306 Productions

Red Swan Hotel – producers: Adam Hunt & Peter Campbell / director: Adam Hunt


Fandom Musicals

Animézing – producer: Matt MacLeod, producer (stage show): Christian Teatro