Spiced Reality Productions

Amicum 2014 Directors: Joshua Aiseirigh & Peter Campbell Writer: Peter Campbell

Designed to be the second story in the three-story feature film 3 Course Meal, Amicum – American Graffiti meets “The Monkey’s Paw” – is a supernatural horror of desire, power, unrequited infatuation, and the dark shots we’ll take to get what we think we want.

Most everyone has wanted more but felt it nearly impossible to achieve. Jordan Bonar turns to the shadows within him to summon a power that he believes will allow him to do, and get, what he feels he deserves – but every choice has a consequence.

Swirling with desire, hate, horror, envy, jealousy, tragedy, comedy, and Jungian connotations, Amicum is not your typical love story.

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Primary Cast (photo creation – Anna Sklavos):

From Storyboards (artist – Nicole T. Hall):