Celsius 486


Director: Brad Pope

Writer: Peter Campbell and Christos Petsis

In association with Spiced Reality Productions and Divine Paradox Films, Slaughterhouse Media presents the short film sci-fi thriller Celsius 486.

Children of Men meets A Clockwork Orange, Celsius 486 takes place in an overpopulated future where only the most privileged are allowed to breed.

Though a global sterilization of males exists, the chewable gum Prolifricil momentarily disrupts that sterilization – allowing for only “the best of us” to reproduce. Black market versions of Prolifricil prey on humanity’s desire to procreate. However, a government powered police force seek those who have defied the non-procreation laws.

Those who are apprehended, and deemed inappropriate for proliferation, are sentenced to watch and rewatch the commercialized propaganda for the gum until they no longer desire to obtain it.